Why do we choose polymerized lithium polymer battery for UAV battery

2022-07-21 03:36

1. Why do we choose polymerized lithium polymer battery for UAV battery?

Compared with ordinary batteries, lithium polymer batteries have the advantages of high rate, high energy ratio, high performance, high safety, long life, environmental protection and no pollution, light weight, etc. In terms of shape, lithium polymer batteries have the characteristics of ultra-thin, which can be made into batteries of different shapes and capacities according to the needs of some products.   2. How much mah does the battery mean?

Represents the battery capacity (milliampere hour), the amount of electricity that can be released from the battery during normal operation. Think of mAh as your flight time, such as 1000mah battery, if discharged at 1000mah, sustainable discharge for 1 hour. If discharged at 500mah, it can continue to discharge for 2 hours. 3. What does the C after the battery mean?

Represents the battery discharge capacity, which is the most important difference between ordinary lithium batteries and power lithium batteries. Power lithium batteries need a large current discharge, and the discharge capacity is represented by C. If 1000mah battery standard is 5c, then 5x1000mah, the battery can discharge at 5000mh current intensity. This is very important, if you use low c battery, high current discharge, the battery will quickly damage, even spontaneous combustion.

4. What do you mean by 2s, 3s, 4s?

Represents the number of lithium battery, lithium battery 1 cell standard voltage is 3.7v, and so on, then 2s battery, means there are two 3.7v batteries inside, voltage is 7.4v. While parallel batteries do exist, almost all batteries are connected in series.

5. What does it mean to charge c fast?

This is the same as c above, but the discharge into charging, such as 1000mah battery, 2c fast charge, on behalf of 2000ma current to charge. So don't rush to use a large current, charging beyond the specified parameters, the battery is easy to damage.

6. How to choose the right battery for UAV?

This is related to the choice of motor, propeller, and desired running time. The larger the capacity, the higher the c, the more s, the heavier the battery; The basic principle is to use big OARS, because the overall collocation down high power, its own lift, in order to ensure the flight time and flight safety, high capacity, small size of the EuDutch industry UAV intelligent battery can be selected.