batteries for

a blue planet

We’re in the battery business. Manufacturing with clean energy, our mission

is to deliver batteries with an 80% lower carbon footprint compared to those

made using coal energy. And we’re building them into solutions to make the

world a better, cleaner place.

Our cells

We’ve grown to over 4000 individuals from over 120 nationalities – a diverse, inter-disciplinary team of talent.
less CO2 compared to cells made using coal power. 2030 prediction.
Northvolt's target for annual cell output by 2030

Calling all

problem solvers

CAREER Going to work is much more exciting when
you can see how your daily efforts have a direct positive
impact on the future. Join us in inventing, manufacturing
and recycling the world’s greenest batteries!

Join us!

Powered by the force of nature

ENVIRONMENT A big contribution to Northvolt’s low-carbon footprint comes from our commitment to power our factories with clean, renewable energy. Combine that with minimal resource use alongside battery recycling and you have the blueprint for the world’s greenest battery.

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Batteries made from batteries

RECYCLING No battery lives forever. But containing

recyclable materials,they’re always valuable. Recovering

used batteries and recycling them into raw materials for

new batteries, we’re lowering the demand for fresh material

and moving closer to closing the loop on batteries.

Introducing Revolt